Wildflower Grains

Featured Product in the April 2013 Gluten Free Conscious Box

Wildflower Grains is a delicate combination of botanicals and exfoliants that gently cleanse leaving you with moisturized and radiant skin. The best part of Wildflower Grains is the ability to choose your mixer. Get wild with yogurt, aloe, avocado, or simply mix Grains with water. Whichever you choose, your skin will leave soft, happy and full of light!

Ingredients: gluten-free oats, organic coconut flakes, organic red roses, walnut shell, kelp powder, kaolin clay, green tea extract, white willow bark extract

Directions: Scoop a tablespoon of Grains into a small bowl. Mix with desired mixer to form a paste. Apply to slightly moist face. Allow to site for 5 minutes. Rinse, Go and Shine!

*Wildflower Grains is unscented and made fresh, bottled in a 4oz glass recyclable

**made with hardcore love and gratitude.

Thank you :)