Eggs: Are they healthy?

We have all read the story about green eggs and ham but there has been a debate whether those green eggs are good for you. For years eggs have taken over headlines, with some stating they are great for you while others claim they are linked to health issues such as high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.


New research has suggested that eating one whole egg a day is not linked to any health issues! In most studies the assumption was that eggs were linked to cardiovascular illness and coronary heart disease. The real answer is that between 1966 to now, most people did not examine the overall diet of the individuals. Let’s be honest, when we eat eggs there is normally a side of bacon.

Some research has suggested that eating a diet that’s overall low in saturated fat and cholesterol might be better to reduce the risk of heart issues.  The study authors also point out that eating eggs promotes the formation of larger LDL and HDL particles, which might actually protect against arthrosclerosis. There also has been evidence of late that high protein diets (such as eggs) instead of carbohydrates can lower blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

There are some risks that come along with eggs but like everything rationing and portions are the key. It’s also worth noting that some of the recent research demonizing eggs suggests that egg consumption is only a problem for people already at risk for heart disease

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