How to Safely Manage Muscle Pain and Aches

Are you constantly dealing with aching muscles and back pain? Check out these ways that can help you safely manage aches and pains in your entire body!

Neck Pain


Hydrotherapy can be summed up by the simple idea of just adding water. Water cleanses your skin and washes away impurities, and the heat from the water can help loosen stiff joints. Take some time to think about taking a long hot shower when you can feel some pain coming on, or if you know that a certain activity can bring on pain, plan to take a shower before or after. If your pain makes standing up for a shower somewhat difficult, consider taking a long soaking bath instead. This is typically a good way to take care of yourself no matter what your pain is like.


Yoga used for pain management is something that should be carefully considered and discussed with your health care provider. Gentle yoga is a very mild form of exercise that allows you to stretch your joints and your muscles, leaving you feeling significantly more limber and flexible than you were before. Yoga classes are plentiful, but do be careful to learn more about the class before you go. There is yoga that designed for people who are seeking a serious workout, and there is also yoga that is designed to be performed in very hot chambers. Use yoga to both reduce your stress and to condition your body. This allows you to keep some exercise in your regimen even if you have less mobility than you once did.


Though many people associate massage with luxurious relaxation, the truth of the matter is that massage is a time-tested and traditional method to beat pain. Massage has been used to treat tension headaches, back pain, neck pain and even post-surgical pain. The key behind massage’s excellent track record is that it releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the body that are released during a pleasurable interlude, and they have significant abilities to reduce pain. They also regulate your moods, leaving you happy and content. When dealing with pain, when both your mood and your body are taking serious hits, consider what massage therapy can do for you.

Diet Modification

In some cases, food can play a significant part in the amount of pain that we experience. For example, consider gout, which is a painful form of arthritis that is related to the level of purines in the body. A gout attack can be triggered by eating foods that are rich in purines, like caviar, some alcohols, mushrooms, spinach and some meats. In the case of gout, positive changes can be effected by reducing the number of purines that are consumed. If you have a certain medical condition that is aggravated by diet, contact a dietitian or a nutrition specialist can help you put together a meal plan that will allow you to avoid the issue.



Vitamin supplements can be used for many things, and the alleviation of pain is just one of them. For example, consider all of the supplements that allow you to reduce inflammation. Many types of chronic pain are related to inflammation, and there are a number of different supplements that can help with this issue. One of the most commonly used vitamin supplements that is recommended for inflammatory pain is omega-3 fish oil. Fish oil contains fats that can be difficult to get in a diet that is rich in chicken and beef, and it is a good choice especially during the winter, when it can help balance your mood as well.


Sleep deprivation is something that happens to many people, especially as they get older and busier. Sleep can often take a back seat when you are working on something exciting, but if you short yourself sleep constantly, you may find that you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Sleep allows your body to heal itself, and over time, sleep deprivation means that you cope with pain less well than you did. If your pain is giving you issues with sleeping, consider supplements like valerian and melatonin, or simply consider drinking a glass of warm milk before bed.

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