Omega 3: Weight Loss

Omega3 Fish Oil

There are hundreds of ideas, theories, or just plain stubbornness of how to lose weight other than a proper diet and exercise regime. Many healthcare practitioners suggest that fish oil should be a large part of our diets because studies show that fish oil can help promote a healthy cardiovascular system, brain functions and boost immunity.  New Research also suggests that it may help shed weight when combined with exercise!

Fish oil, or more importantly, omega-3, has been one of the most researched nutrients, and recent studies suggest it can also help shed weight. A study conducted by the University of South Australia, has determined that a “daily dose of fish oil containing omega-3 combined with exercise can act as an aid to weight loss.”

This study examined 68 overweight people for a period of three months.  They were divided into four different groups: one given fish oil and no exercise, one that just exercised, one forced to exercise as well as take fish oil, and one not given anything.

According to the results, the group that took the fish oil and exercised lost an average of 4.5 pounds during the three months with no diet restrictions.  The other test groups didn’t lose any weight.  The combination of exercise and omega-3 was believed to increase fat burning by promoting more blood flow to the muscles during exercise.

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