Testosterone: Good or Bad?

Testosterone may have been in the gloomy limelight but recent studies have shown, testosterone has improved conditions in patients with chronic heart disease. Testosterone increased exercise endurance and performance by relieving shortness of breath and increasing muscle strength.

According to the Circulation Heart Failure (2012), an American Heart Association journal, analyzed four randomized trials which consisted of subjects with minor to severe chronic heart failure. Each patient received a testosterone supplement.

The patients that received a testosterone supplement out performed those on different treatments by 50 percent in multiple exercise tests, including a six minute walk.

The American Heart Association has suggested that over five million Americans currently have heart related failure which is about two percent of the United States population. Heart failure is linked to about a third of deaths every year.

Another study conducted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton (2012), suggests that testosterone therapy has been associated with improved muscle endurance and increased oxygen consumption. This study leads many to believe that healthy doses of testosterone may help and treat severity of chronic heart disease as well as prevent future heart related disorders.

Currently, testosterone is not considered a treatment for chronic heart failure and without proper use it can be harmful to the body, but studies appear to have opened the doors to a promising future.

Other Uses of Testosterone

Testosterone supplements have been in the healthcare industry for many years to treat and improve certain conditions. Some of these conditions include anti-aging, muscle strength and mass, sex drive, sharpen memory, and bone density.

Many people use a testosterone supplement in attempt to keep and maintain a youthful body. According to the National Institute of Health, as people age, in most cases in men, certain hormone levels start to diminish. This leads healthcare professionals to believe that increasing hormones such as testosterone, it will decrease the aging effects of low libido, mass building, bone density, and overall energy.

Testosterone is widely known to be able to increase muscle mass. The National Institute of Health explains, “too much hormone (such as testosterone) in your system may actually cause the opposite of the intended effect.”  Taking an unhealthy amount of testosterone can lead to multiple of health issues such as a high risk of prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, and mood changes.



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