Avocado: Superfood

The next time you are at a Mexican restaurant make sure you reach for the guacamole.  Guacamole consists of avocados, which can be considered a powerful superfood.  What is a superfood?  A superfood is a single item food that consists of many essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support overall health.  Here’s why avocados are an important nutrient that should be included in your diet:



Monounsaturated Fat

When you mention fat to most people, they instantly think it is a bad thing.  This is not the case! Monounsaturated fat is a good kind of fat that can provide multiple health benefits such as improving cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease. The oils in an avocado include linoleic and oleic acids, which can help lower high cholesterol levels.  In recent research, avocados were given to patients with high LDL cholesterol (bad kind).  The study suggested that the patients taking avocado significantly lowered their LDL cholesterol.

Vitamin E

Avocado has a high amount of vitamin E, which is extremely important to the body because it is packed with antioxidants.  Antioxidants are known to boost the body’s immune system by attacking free radicals which are linked to disease and the aging process. It is also vital to the body as it helps red blood cells carry oxygen to the entire body. This is essential for overall muscle and brain functions.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is essential to the body as it supplies the body with powerful antioxidants that help rid the body of free radical particles linked to numerous diseases and the aging process. Vitamin B6 is required for the formation of hemoglobin, important for carrying oxygen throughout the body’ It also helps maintains healthy blood cells and may help lower blood pressure.  The body also relies on vitamin B6 as it helps promote healthy amounts of energy by boosting metabolism and digestion.


Potassium is an essential nutrient for the body as it helps maintain healthy bone density.  Research has suggested that potassium can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Potassium supports a healthy acid/alkaline balance in the body, which is important to kidney health.

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