Green Tea: Endless Benefits

Green tea has become one of the most popular health drinks. There has been a long standing belief that drinking green tea is very beneficial to the body because of the various nutrients the tea is comprised of.

One of the main ingredients found in green tea is known as Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG.  EGCG is a polyphenol that has been believed to have many different health benefits.

Recent research has believed that polyphenols assist in killing free radical particles which are linked to disease and the aging process.  They do this by effectively neutralizing the electrical charge on free radicals.  That prevents the free radicals from taking electrons from molecules which causes them damage, and can lead to disease or illness.

EGCG also has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. This can decrease the inflammation in the arteries to lower the chance of sticky build up inside the artery walls. The reduction of clogged arteries in turn can lower blood pressure, as there is a smoother pathway for blood to travel in the body.

There have been a lot upside on green tea lately.  Research has suggested that EGCG may help promote healthy metabolism and fat burning.  A study in 1999 claimed that it increase’s a person’s metabolism up to 4%. Additionally, green tea contains natural caffeine which can boost fat burning ability.

EGCG has the ability to produce insulin which helps regulate blood glucose levels.  This is very important for those who suffer from type I and II diabetes. The combination of antioxidant effects and anti-inflammatory aspects combines to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases which is vital to suffers of diabetes.

Green Tea

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