Healthy Energy Vs. Unhealthy Energy

Energy drinks have become increasingly popular, especially with teens and young adults, and more than 500 new energy drinks have launched worldwide last year. But experts are questioning whether people are harming their health by drinking them.


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Most energy drinks are just marketing ploys, according to Mark Kantor, professor of family and consumer sciences and nutrition at the University of Maryland, who specializes in consumer education. “I'm not aware of any scientific data that they do what they say they're going to do," He said "They don't give you more energy." For the most part, they are nothing much more than a can full of caffeine and a lot of sugar. Although herbal ingredients such as taurine and guarana, as well as vitamins and minerals are often added to make these energy drinks sound healthy, the amounts of natural ingredients found in them are usually so small, they make little difference.

Nutritionists warn that these drinks contain excessively high amounts of caffeine and sugar, which can hook kids on an unhealthy jolt-and-crash cycle. The caffeine comes from multiple sources, making it hard to tell how much the drinks contain. The caffeine in energy drinks can give a temporary or false feeling of energy for a short period of time as it raises the blood pressure, but then the body goes through a dramatic drop in energy an hour or so later as the caffein and sugar leave the bloodstream, causing sluggishness, mood changes, and a burned out feeling.

Not only do energy drinks usually fail to offer a special boost, but their high caffeine and sugar content can cause extreme dehydration, and are considered by medical experts to be dangerous for the young and physically active. Caffeine will worsen insulin sensitivity, which is one of the major causes of diabetes and chronic illness. Other studies have shown that caffeine leads to heart problems. In addition to the caffeine overload, it's important to stay away from drinks spiked with sugars that raise your insulin levels, contributing to a host of modern diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Many of us would love to have an increased energy boost occasionally, but it is important to realize that energy drinks are not the best way get that. It is far wiser to address the underlying reasons why you do not have as much energy as you would like. To increase your energy you need to live a healthy lifestyle including getting sleep, exercise and healthy food to fuel you body.

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