Green Coffee Bean Extract

     More than a billion people worldwide are considered obese or overweight, according to the World Health Organization. There are many realistic concerns associated with being overweight, including greater odds of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Everybody seems to have a solution when it comes to losing weight. Let's face it, fad diets and souped-up energy pills aren't going to produce long-term results. The answer to successful weight loss might just be found in green coffee bean extract. 

      What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract? A coffee bean not seem like a healthy way to go about losing weight, although there are some realistic health benefits associated with coffee drinking in moderation. The secret is actually compounds extracted from green coffee beans. These particular coffee beans contain high amounts of certain compounds - chlorogenic acid and other polyphenol compounds - that are usually lost during the roasting process that produces the traditional brown coffee bean. Successful Testing Scientists tested the specific chemical compounds in green coffee beans in mice. The result was noticeable weight loss from fat absorption and an enhanced metabolism. Further testing confirmed the results of initial testing. In controlled tests on humans, green coffee bean extract produced an average 11 pound weight loss. This was a healthy weight loss due to a naturally increased metabolism and the ability to burn fat faster. Further testing was done with all types of coffee beans, including the brown variety used to make both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. While all types of coffee beans showed some benefits, it was the green coffee extract that proved to be especially beneficial by reducing the absorption of calories resulting in significant weight loss. 

Green Coffee Bean

        Using Green Coffee Bean Extract for Effective Weight Loss Further testing showed similar results in humans, with nearly 40 percent of the test subjects going from a weight that was considered pre-obesity to a normal weight range. Factors that make green coffee bean extract an effective weight loss product include: • It's a natural weight loss product that works by naturally increasing your metabolism rather than the often dangerous artificial stimulation used in some diet pills. • When changes to your diet are incorporated into your lifestyle, weight loss from green coffee bean extract has a greater chance of becoming permanent. • Green coffee bean extract allows your body to process and burn fat faster. This prevents fats from food you consume from turning into excess body fat. • Your body burns calories faster, which helps you maintain your weight loss. • Green coffee bean extract does not interact with any medications you may be taking. 

     • Green coffee bean extract is non-habit forming and no adverse reactions were reported in any of the studies on either animal or human subjects. An Alternative to Questionable Weight Loss Methods Fad diets will produce results, but any significant weight loss rarely lasts once the diet is completed. Some diet pills have questionable ingredients. The same is true with some herbal remedies that promise rapid weight loss. Green coffee bean extract is based on chemicals that are found naturally in coffee beans. Studies of coffee drinkers in relation to weight loss show similar results, although the results are dramatically better with green coffee bean extract. Most medical professionals prefer natural weight loss methods over artificial solutions that create temporary results. Follow-up studies showed that, when combined with a diet that restricts food intake in some way, green coffee bean extract helped nearly 90 percent of test subjects maintain their weight loss once the study was completed. Start enjoying the benefits of green coffee bean extract today!

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