How to lose weight and eat what you like.

If you have ever wanted to lose weight, you know that one of the best ways is to go on a diet. Yes, the dreaded diet. It takes away all of your favorite foods and leaves you left with nothing but carrot sticks and an empty stomach. But it's the only way. Or is it?

It turns out that you can eat what you love, and still lose weight. All you have to do is follow some of these easy rules and you'll be on your way to burning fat while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Rotating through your favorite foods is a great way to start shedding the pounds. Rotating through different foods helps speed up your metabolism, and causes you to burn fat. Eating the same foods will let your metabolism become more relaxed and slow down. Rotating through foods keeps your metabolism on its toes, not letting it get into a metabolic rut.

You might have heard about eating 5 or more small portions in a day instead of 3 big portions and thought that was impossible. But in fact, eating smaller portions helps a lot. By eating more of smaller portions, you avoid that gap in-between meals where you get hungry. It can also help you from over-indulging and eating more than you should because you are not as hungry. It also helps avoid insulin spikes after your meals, because you are eating less. Spikes in your insulin levels promotes fat storage, which defeats the purpose of eating less calories.

Drinking more water helps increase your metabolism. Drink plenty of water to increase your metabolism and burn more fat. Also, filling your stomach with water during meals will make you less hungry so you will consume less calories.

Indulge Yourself
Yes, you read that right, indulge yourself. Once a week eat more calories than you have been. Your body takes about 7 days to realize it is getting less calories than normal, and then go into "starvation mode" where you store up fat. To avoid this, indulge yourself once a week with more calories than you have been consuming. Your body will stay in its normal mode, and keep your metabolism up. But always remember to exercise after indulging to help spend some of those calories. As long as you do not completely overdo the indulging stage, it will help lead to more weight loss.

Overall, just remember to keep everything balanced. Get all of the proper nutrients while boosting your metabolism by rotating your foods, take balanced portions instead of several large portions, drink plenty of water, and indulge yourself while keeping it at a healthy indulgence level. Also, don't forget to have fun while exercising.

And most of all, love yourself and your body!
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