How Green Tea Can Help Keep Your Skin Beautiful

 How Green Tea Can Help Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Beautiful Skin
Did you know drinking green tea can help keep your skin beautiful? That's right. Green tea is full of polyphenols, a type of anti-oxidant, which fights free-radicals, which in turn keeps your skin looking young and healthy.

To help you know how to keep your skin healthy, we'll explain the process.

Free-radicals are highly reactive molecules produced naturally from cells using oxygen. They are naturally short of electrons and are always trying to fill this shortage of electrons by stealing them from other molecules. Once a free-radical stabilizes itself by stealing electrons, it leaves the victim molecule short on electrons. Then that molecule has to try and steal electrons from another molecule. This creates a chain reaction that causes mutations and improper cell function.

Your Skin and Free-Radicals
Free-radicals looking for electrons attack the skin and break down collagen, a naturally occurring protein in the skin. Losing collagen to free-radicals keeps your skin from looking young and beautiful by robbing it of its firmness and strength. Losing collagen to free-radicals can also lead to cancer.

What Produces Free-Radicals?
Free-radicals are naturally occurring, but are increased by outside sources, such as UV rays (sunlight), drugs, pollution, and extreme heat and cold. Decreasing exposure to these sources will decrease the amount of free-radicals in your skin, but another way to combat them is through anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants fight free-radicals by giving them the electrons they need, while remaining stable and not becoming part of the chain reaction. Anti-oxidants are found in high concentrations in certain foods. Consuming a healthy amount of these foods keeps your body high in anti-oxidants and prevents skin damage and degradation.

Green Tea
Green tea contains polyphenols, which are widely reported as the strongest anti-oxidant. Drinking green tea daily (no pun intended) dramatically reduces the amount of free-radicals in your body. Green tea is an easy, great way to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

So drink up!
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