Advantage should be taken of the various kinds of fresh fruits during the seasons when they can be obtained, for usually very appetizing salads can be made of them. However, the family need not be deprived of fruit salads during the winter when fresh fruits cannot be secured, for delicious salads can be made from canned and dried fruits, as well as from bananas and citrus fruits, which are usually found in all markets.

Homemade fruit salad meals can be a fun activities for the whole family to while controlling the calories. Notwithstanding, below are 6 different types of low-fat homemade fruit salad recipes:


Take sweet, ripe oranges, apples, bananas, and grapes. Peel the oranges, quarter them, and remove skin and pips. Peel and core the apples and cut into thin slices. Wash and dry the grapes, and remove from stalks. Skin and slice the bananas. Put the prepared fruit into a glass dish in alternate layers. Squeeze the juice from 2 sweet oranges and pour over the salad. Any other fresh fruit in season may be used for this salad. Castor sugar may be sprinkled over if desired, and cream used in place of the juice. Grated nuts are also a welcome addition.


If something different in the way of salad is desired, cherries that have been seeded and then filled with filberts will prove a delightful change. With this salad, any salad dressing may be served, but fruit-salad dressing makes it especially delicious.


Persons who are fond of dates will find a salad made of dates and walnuts very palatable. In addition, such a salad is high in food value. Select firm whole dates, wash, and dry between clean towels. Cut a slit in the side of each date and remove the seed. Place half a walnut meat inside and press the date together. Garnish salad plates with lettuce and serve five or six of the dates in a star shape for each serving. In the center, pour a spoonful or two of cream salad dressing, boiled salad dressing, or any other dressing that may be desired.


Ingredients required:

  1. Four (4) tart apples
  1. One (1) cupful of pecan meats
  1. Twenty four (24) blanched almonds
  1. Two (2) sweet Spanish peppers

The rule for French dressing:

Peel the apples, cut them into dice, squeeze over the juice of one or two lemons, and stand them aside until wanted. The lemon juice serves the purpose of preventing from discoloration. Also, chop the nuts. At serving time line the salad bowl with a layer of chopped celery or cabbage or lettuce leaves, then a layer of apples, nuts, celery, apples and nuts. Baste with the French dressing, and, if you have them, garnish with the sweet peppers cut into strips, and use at once.


The combination of fruits required by the accompanying recipe is an easy one to procure in the winter time. Apple and date salad is a combination much liked, but unless it is served with a rather sour dressing, it is found to be too bland and sweet for most persons. The addition of the orange gives just the acid touch that is necessary to relieve this monotonous sweetness.

Method Of Preparation

Peel the apples and dice them into fine pieces. Wash the dates, remove the seeds, and cut each date into six or eight pieces. Prepare the oranges as directed for preparing oranges for salad, and cut each section into two or three pieces. Just before serving, mix the fruits carefully so as not to make the salad look mushy, pile in a neat heap on garnished salad plates, and serve with any desired dressing.


During the months in which California grapes can be found in the market, a very delicious salad can be made by combining them with grapefruit and oranges. Either Malaga or Tokay grapes may be used.

Method Of Preparation

Prepare the grapes by washing them in cold water, cutting them into halves, and removing the seeds. Remove the sections from the oranges and grapefruit in the way previously directed, and cut each section into three or four pieces. Mix the fruits and drain carefully so that they contain no juice or liquid. Pile in a heap on salad plates garnished with lettuce and serve with any desired dressing.

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