5 Ways to Get More From Cardio

When it comes to most gym rats, the exercise they normally skip or even delay is normally always doing cardio.  A typical cardio workout elevates the heart rate, improves lung efficiency, and melts fat.  A good cardio workout doesn’t have to be centered around running endless miles on a treadmill. Here are 5 ways that you can get more out of cardio, have a better time, and burn more calories.

Think outside the box!

This is for all of you cardio and running haters!  There are plenty of ways to improve your cardio without ever stepping on a track or treadmill.  One solution is using free weights like dumbbells.  Instead of going for high weights, try lighter weight and go faster, longer, and harder.  Another way to stick to the weights is to cut the small talk with people and plow through your workout.  Keep the rest in between sets under 20 seconds, which can help boost your heart rate and metabolism.


Interval training is alternating periods of all-out effort with periods of low or medium effort.  This is great for building lean muscles and maximizing burning calories.  Interval training can go beyond running.  For example, having up a swimming routine followed by a spin calls can help work different muscles as well as change up the intensity to burn more calories.

Be social!

Instead of going to the gym aimlessly, try joining a sports team, group activities, or a fitness class. If you are doing something you enjoy will help you work harder and longer. If you are competitive, working out next to people will help you try to outperform and out hustle those next to you.  Training with a partner can also make things more enjoyable by giving each other an extra boost and accountability.

Go outside!

If you get bored running on a treadmill and it is just not getting the job done, head outdoors.  Trail running, mountain biking, or open water swimming can spice things up.  They also add natural obstacles such as hills, bumps, and current that can force you to push harder and longer.  The uneven ground like sand or rocks can enhance athleticism, balance, and agility. 


New research suggests that working out first thing in the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. It is believed to help burn more calories during the workout and throughout the day.  However, not everyone is a morning person, so sticking to a daily routine can be the best thing for you.  Always remember any cardio workout is better than no cardio workout.

Just keep in mind that cardio is one of the best exercises you can do as it helps keep the cardiovascular system strong and keeps the extra pounds off.  Do something you enjoy! It won’t seem like a chore or annoying.


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